No holidays for 1 in 3 French people this year!


33% of the interviewed French people said that they did not go on holiday in 2022 and do not plan to do so this year. The figure reaches 42,3% among those aged 25-34 years old and goes up to 44.1 % for those living in the South-East of France!

Following the health crisis, the threat of Covid which continues to loom, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the loss of purchasing power, 52.7% of holidaymakers from all social categories are opting for Metropolitan France as their destination.  French people over 35 are strongly in favour of local tourism.

Europe attracts 12.6% of French holidaymakers mainly young people aged 18-24 from large cities.

As for holidays outside Europe this year, only 7% of French people have been there or intend to go there.


According to a survey carried out between 3 and 11 May 2022 by Efficience3 among a representative sample of 1,004 people.

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