TV, gardening, cooking: Top 3 most popular leisure activities for the French! 📢


Television  is the most popular leisure activity in France (38.4%), followed by  gardening (31.2%), cooking (27.6%), computers/tablets (26.4%)  and reading (25.8%) .

However, this ranking varies according to age. Unsurprisingly, television remains the main activity for the 35+ age group, representing 47.7% for the 65+ age group. Among 18-34 year olds, gaming is the activity that overtakes TV (35.5% for 18-24 year olds and 31.6% for 25-34 year olds).

Are only young people stuck to their screens? The "computer and tablet" activity takes 3rd place with more than 1/3 of 65+ year olds!   It is also one of the activities whose use increases with age, rising from 19.6% among the youngest to 35.7% among the oldest. Other activities take the opposite path. For example, 30.7% of young people aged between 18 and 24 play or listen to music , an activity that takes up less space over the years (13.3% among the 65+ age group). The same applies to shopping. While it is one of the three main leisure activities for 7.1% of French people, it represents 16.5% among the youngest and only 1.4% among the oldest.

The lockdown and the Covid crisis have prevented the French from seeing friends and family.  In 2022, this leisure activity will be the sixth most popular activity (23.4%). For working-class people, it is even in the top 3 (30.3%).  

What about sports activities? 16.8% of French people practice them. The self-employed and senior executives are proportionally more likely to do so (23.2%) than other CSPs.

Do-it-yourself/decorating is an activity favoured more by French people in small towns with less than 2,000 inhabitants (30.8%) compared to 17% for those with more than 100,000 inhabitants. 

Some activities involve the practice of another joint activity. Thus, in 51.9% of cases, DIY is accompanied by gardening.  The same is true for computer/tablet use, which is accompanied by television in 51.2% of cases, and for gaming,  which involves listening to/playing music in 24.9% of cases.


According to a survey conducted by Efficience3 among a representative sample of 1,004 people aged 18 and over, between 3 and 11 May 2022 - respondents had three possible choices.

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