Innovation management – Concept evaluation and Name testing

This was a research programme carried out over a period of two and a half years on behalf of a major European player in the European scooter market.

Our client was interested in positioning itself in the 'New Retro' segment, a fast growing segment, by basing itself on the adaptation of an old model from the ’50s.

It consisted firstly of validating this hypothesis, assessing the attractiveness of two concepts in comparison to competing models already in existence, and precisely defining the elements of design and product kit to be retained.
EFFICIENCE 3 therefore set up Scooter Clinics in three European countries (Germany, France and Italy), during which the prototypes, competitors’ scooters and items of kit were put forward to highly targeted consumer groups.
In conclusion, one concept was retained and a prototype was then defined by our client’s design teams.

In a second phase, research was carried out to determine the attractiveness and appropriateness of five names to the concept. A quantitative survey of 600 scooter owners was conducted in France and Italy ; this has led to keeping the best name for the new scooter.