Air pollution is a growing concern for local authorities.

Among the major causes of this pollution, domestic wood heating - and coal heating in some areas - is an important source of micro particle emission.

ADEME supports authorities in financing the modernization of their wood-heating appliance units. However a prefiguration study is required.

On several occasions EFFICIENCE3 conducted this study for city authorities of the Hauts de France region.  Depending on their specific needs EFFICIENCE3 undertook:

  • an extensive bibliographic research with a regional and local focus on the issue of air pollution and its health impact.
  • the identification and localization of all stakeholders involved in the area’s heating (production / manufacture, distribution and installation of appliances and fuels)
  • a quantitative survey among a sample of 800 to 1,500 inhabitants. The survey aims to gain insights on these households: current equipment, operation mode with regards to heating, intention to renew their equipment and grant expectations.
  • various scenarios’ costing of pollutant emission savings by a team of thermal engineers.

These research phases were followed by the preparation of a budgeted action plan including assistance, communication, promotion and support actions conducted by the local authorities. Thanks to this plan some of the local authorities have already benefited from ADEME grants to improve the air quality of their area.