Researching diabetic patients

This project was carried out repeatedly on behalf of L'Observatoire du Diabète, but also for different end customers (laboratories) – joint research.
The research unfolded in two phases:
A first telephone RDD screening phase, the objective of which was to identify households with one or more diabetic person to work out the prevalence of diabetes (to reach 500 diabetics at this CATI stage).
Then a second face-to-face phase at home where some of the patients identified by phone, plus other diabetic patients recruited by our teams (600), responded to a questionnaire lasting from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the type of treatment of the diabetes... with a minimum quota of 200 insulin-dependent people in the final sample...
We at Efficience3, and our field investigation teams, are proud to have been part of this large-scale study which has seen improvements over the years in the comfort and daily life of diabetic patients.

Measuring Performance – Client relationship

Efficience3 designed a programme of annual barometers on behalf of a major player in the French temporary employment market. It wanted a pilot for its management and its commercial activities based on regular and accurate reporting on the company's relationship with its two main target audiences:

  • customers,
  • temporary agency workers.

Two barometers were therefore designed and piloted by Efficience3 before being implemented on a wider scale.

The ‘Temps’ barometer, based on on-line and telephone surveys, measures temps’ satisfaction and the sustainability of their relationship with the temping agency.
More typically the 'Customers' barometer evaluates customer satisfaction on key items and allows ways forward to be detected.
Each year results are produced at different National / Regional Management / Agency levels and allow for reliable and customised guidance of the management of each unit making up the networks.


Un acteur important du logement social sur la Champagne Ardenne et la Région Parisienne souhaite mesurer chaque année la satisfaction de l'ensemble de ses locataires. 2 900 locataires sont interrogés à l'aide d'un questionnaire de 17 minutes couvrant l'ensemble de la relation entre le locataire et l'organisme. L'interrogation porte sur l'attribution du logement (si emménagé récent), le logement (son état à l'entrée, les modes de règlement du loyer, le fonctionnement et le suivi des équipements), les parties communes (propreté et entretien, état et entretien technique des équipements collectifs), les relations avec l'organisme (accueil et communication, le traitement des réclamations techniques et concernant le voisinage), les supports d'information, mais également sur le cadre de vie (présence de services autour du logement, entretien des espaces extérieurs, sentiment de sécurité). Toute les données sont analysées et comparées,  agence par agence, d'une année sur l'autre (évolution sur 5 ans), également rapprochées des données du marché connues grâce à la grande expérience de nos analystes.

A noter également un système de "Hot Alert" qui permet de remonter en urgence toutes les situations graves pouvant entraîner des dommages conséquents aux personnes (voisinage, isolement).Un rapport très complet est réalisé et une présentation par nos consultants est proposée à l'ensemble des responsables concernée (80 personnes environ).

L’organisme logeur, éclairé par les résultats du baromètre peut ainsi affiner l’orientation des politiques du groupe, mieux gérer les priorités et impliquer les équipes de collaborateurs. Les « Hot Alerts » lui permettent d’anticiper les conflits et les problèmes sociaux.

Barometer - Measuring Customer Satisfaction – sale and after sale

This project was conducted on behalf of a major European truck manufacturer.
It consisted of measuring customer satisfaction both at a sales level and with the service provided by the manufacturer’s dealers and repairers.
This monthly barometer has been conducted by Efficience 3 for several years in France. Between 2,500 and 3,000 interviews are held annually for the service part, and between 300 and 500 for the sales part.
Throughout the survey periods e-mails are sent after each interview to the relevant staff so that they can become aware of the results in real time, regardless of whether customer feedback is positive or negative. Respondents' contact details are included when they have not chosen to be anonymous and they can be called back quickly in case of dissatisfaction.
Every month hundreds of different Excel and PDF reports are distributed to all relevant persons, from managers of service centres or sales outlets to top management via regional managers. These same reports have also been made available on an interactive web platform with personalised access.

Innovation management – Concept evaluation and Name testing

This was a research programme carried out over a period of two and a half years on behalf of a major European player in the European scooter market.

Our client was interested in positioning itself in the 'New Retro' segment, a fast growing segment, by basing itself on the adaptation of an old model from the ’50s.

It consisted firstly of validating this hypothesis, assessing the attractiveness of two concepts in comparison to competing models already in existence, and precisely defining the elements of design and product kit to be retained.
EFFICIENCE 3 therefore set up Scooter Clinics in three European countries (Germany, France and Italy), during which the prototypes, competitors’ scooters and items of kit were put forward to highly targeted consumer groups.
In conclusion, one concept was retained and a prototype was then defined by our client’s design teams.

In a second phase, research was carried out to determine the attractiveness and appropriateness of five names to the concept. A quantitative survey of 600 scooter owners was conducted in France and Italy ; this has led to keeping the best name for the new scooter.


Afin de répondre aux exigences Quali Bail, de mesurer la satisfaction des locataires, d’observer son évolution et ainsi d’évaluer l'impact des mesures prises, nous mettons en place 5 études, chacune correspondant à une étape ou un évènement dans la relation du locataire avec ce bailleur social :

- Enquête locataire entrant

- Enquête locataire sortant

- Enquête demande d'intervention technique

- Enquête propreté

- Enquête gros travaux

Nous ajoutons à cette démarche des enquêtes mystère auprès des agences afin d'évaluer l'accueil téléphonique et comprendre comment améliorer les réponses.

Les terrains de ces enquêtes sont réalisés chaque mois à l'aide de questionnaires simples, courts et précis, permettant un bon taux de transformation et donc une excellente représentativité des réponses collectées.

Plusieurs niveaux de restitution ont été mis en place permettant une information régulière des services qualité du bailleur

- Plans de tris mensuels, élaborés avec présentation des écarts significatifs entre les différentes populations observées

- Rapports trimestriels présentant les résultats et les évolutions clés

- Rapport annuel complet et approfondi avec recommandations d'actions

Le bailleur social suit ainsi au plus près l’opportunité de ses choix, la qualité des prestations de ses agents et de ses prestataires.

Optimizing communication – Advert testing

The client was a ski area covering several ski resorts who, through this project, wanted a better understanding of its reputation and to assess its communications, in particular a TV advert (recall, relevance and attractiveness).
Two on-line surveys were set up. The first targeted a representative sample of the French population of 1000 individuals over 18 years old and was used to determine the area's reputation and image. It was conducted just before the test broadcast period.
After the test had been broadcast a second survey was launched to another representative sample of the French population of 1000 individuals over 18 years old, plus a sample of 3000 French skiers and a sample of customers and prospects from the ski area (people who had stayed at one of the resorts or who knew about them).
The ski area was thus able to objectively measure the true impact of its campaign and, also, to evaluate the advert and other communications elements with the three populations (the French, skiers in general and people who like the area's resorts) in terms of image, recall and motivation to go skiing and visit the ski area.

Measuring the perception of corruption

This project was conducted on behalf of a major NGO, Transparency International, whose headquarters are in Berlin.
This barometer measures the perception of corruption by citizens of different countries, whether this is corruption in their daily lives, amongst the political elite and the government, or in public services…
This research was carried out by Efficience 3 in 18 countries - from Greenland to Australia ! ... and from Cambodia to the United States. It consisted of questioning 1,000 people in each country (500 for Greenland !), randomly by telephone or face to face using the Kish method.
This major study is mainly supported by the European Union through the ANTICORRP programme. The study report has led to several publications in the countries studied.

Measuring Performance – surveying employees

This large industrial group with more than 50 facilities around the world regularly assesses levels of satisfaction, commitment and sense of belonging among all its employees on all continents.
Efficience3 set up an internal barometer conducted in nine different languages ​​through self-administered surveys.
120,000 questionnaires were completed : 90,000 on-line on our websites (each employee receiving a customised link) and 30,000 on paper (before optical input on our premises).
All the data were processed and compiled, enabling the creation of more than 10,000 different reports for each of the company's managers. The reports were also made available to them through individual links.

Barometer – Measuring customer satisfaction

This project was conducted on behalf of a leading manufacturer of kitchens and bathrooms.
It consisted of measuring the satisfaction of purchasers of their three brands after the product was installed.
This monthly barometer has been conducted by Efficience 3 for several years mainly in France, but also in the UK and Belgium. Each year, about 16,000 customers are interviewed by telephone and 8,000 on-line.
Before the beginning of each month the group sends us the relevant customer files and on the 10th of the following month we return the results. The analyses can be performed at group, brand or outlet level.
The research is used to measure customer satisfaction regarding the quality of the manufactured products and the business relationship, from design to installation.
It is also used by brands as part of outlet management (franchises or branches).
This tool has become indispensable in the life of the group.

Véhicules Poids Lourds

Un important constructeur de véhicules poids lourds a pour objectif stratégique d’accentuer son emprise sur le marché français en accentuant la fidélisation de ses clients. Celle-ci reposant sur leur satisfaction, il est nécessaire de pouvoir la mesurer en continu.

Deux baromètres permanents sont alors conçus et mis en œuvre :

- Vente de véhicules neufs,

- Services en atelier.

En complément, des enquêtes sont réalisées ponctuellement pour la vente de véhicules d’occasion .

Au total chaque année, plus de 1 000 interviews sont réalisées au  sujet de la vente de PL, et plus de 4 000 interviews à propos de services en atelier. A noter que toutes ces interviews sont réalisées par téléphone auprès des interlocuteurs concernés directement chez chacun des clients.

Un dispositif spécifique de mise à disposition des résultats est mis en  œuvre : chaque point de vente et chaque atelier dispose en permanence d’un accès à notre site pour pouvoir suivre l’évolution des résultats. Un système de ‘Hot Alert’ est aussi conçu afin de remonter dans les 24 h une insatisfaction importante d’un client aux managers concernés.

Des rapports mensuels généraux et par direction régionale sont produits de manière à permettre un suivi en continu de la satisfaction et le déclenchement d’actions correctrices si nécessaire.

Le  constructeur de véhicules poids lourds a ainsi agit à plusieurs niveaux au vu des résultats ponctuels, régionaux ou nationaux, et progresse régulièrement en termes de satisfaction ressentie par ses clients.

Innovation Management – Feasibility and market access test

A study conducted on behalf of a major player in the manufacture and distribution of dog and cat food.

Our client was interested in new forms of dog food. Before investing in a new animal feed sector, the brand wanted to check the degree of acceptance by the French population.
EFFICIENCE 3 carried out semi-structured in-depth in-home interviews of 30 dog owners, using a semi-structured questionnaire and stimuli packs and visuals, to understand the fears and obstacles that could limit its development, but also to identify the benefits perceived by consumers.

Optimizing communication – BtoB

A manufacturer of culinary aids wanted to refine the concepts and instructions to be given to its R&D department about its product proposition.
EFFICIENCE 3 organized eight in-depth interviews and product placement with catering professionals. In this way the concepts were submitted to buyers/users and the culinary aids were tested on site.
This project has confirmed the proposition’s positioning and has identified areas of improvement for B2B communication.