Optimising communication

Making sure your communications campaigns are relevant and measuring their effectiveness

  • How are your products and services assessed ?
  • What actions should you prioritise and develop ?
  • Are your communications campaigns effective ?
  • In the eyes of your customers, what are your areas of improvement ?
  • What is the level of motivation and involvement of employees in your company ?

Our solutions allow you to control your communications independently or to liaise with your Communications managers :

Controlling your advertising investment

  • Researching the concepts that are relevant to you
  • Testing and ordering the ideas of your creative people
  • Testing your story boards
  • Pre-testing your campaigns before broadcast

Assess your campaigns

  • Visibility
  • Comprehension
  • Recall
  • Target reached
  • Impact on the behaviour of the target (Effectiveness)
  • Impact on aided and unaided awareness
  • Impact on your image

Multiple methodologies to serve your needs at every stage of your communications

  • Prospective studies
  • Concept testing
  • Pre-testing, with or without Post-testing
  • « Day after Recall »
  • Post-testing
  • Image barometer