Measure your performance at regular intervals in a very wide variety of fields to learn about your future development and base your management on objective and specific indicators

  • How are your products and services assessed ?
  • What actions should you prioritise and develop ?
  • Are your communication campaigns effective ?
  • In the eyes of your customers, what are your areas of improvement ?
  • What is the level of motivation and involvement of employees in your company ?

Our solutions are tailored to your needs and your budget, for accurate results and practical outcomes for your teams :

Complete ranges of modular Barometers, depending on your issues

  • Satisfaction (for your customers, your suppliers and your users)
  • Behaviour
  • Image
  • Reputation;
  • Social (your employees)

Indicators and analyses that have proven their relevance

  • NPS (Who is ready to recommend you ?)
  • CES (What efforts are required by your customers for them to be satisfied ?)
  • The Llosa matrix (Importance x Satisfaction - what are your priorities ?)