Researching diabetic patients

This project was carried out repeatedly on behalf of L'Observatoire du Diabète, but also for different end customers (laboratories) – joint research.
The research unfolded in two phases:
A first telephone RDD screening phase, the objective of which was to identify households with one or more diabetic person to work out the prevalence of diabetes (to reach 500 diabetics at this CATI stage).
Then a second face-to-face phase at home where some of the patients identified by phone, plus other diabetic patients recruited by our teams (600), responded to a questionnaire lasting from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the type of treatment of the diabetes... with a minimum quota of 200 insulin-dependent people in the final sample...
We at Efficience3, and our field investigation teams, are proud to have been part of this large-scale study which has seen improvements over the years in the comfort and daily life of diabetic patients.