An important player in social housing in the regions of the Champagne Ardenne and Paris wants to measure annually the satisfaction of all its tenants. 2,900 tenants are interviewed using a 17-minute questionnaire covering the entire relationship between the tenant and the organization. The questionnaire relates to the allocation of housing (if recently moved in), the housing itself (its condition on moving in, the methods of payment of rent, the functioning and monitoring of amenities), common areas (cleanliness and maintenance, the condition and technical maintenance of the public facilities), the relations with the organization (reception and communication, the treatment of technical complaints and concerning neighbors), the sharing of information, but also on the living environment (presence of services around the housing, maintenance of outdoor spaces, sense of security). All the data is analyzed and compared, agency by agency, from one year to the next (over a 5-year period), also reconciled with known market data thanks to the rich experience of our analysts. 

Also noteworthy is the "Hot Alert" system that allows the urgent tracing of all serious situations that can cause significant damage to people (neighborhood, isolation). A very comprehensive report is made and a presentation by our consultants is proposed to all concerned (about 80 people).

The housing organization, enlightened by the results of the barometer can thus refine the direction of the policies of the group, better manage the priorities and involve the teams of collaborators. “Hot Alerts” allows anticipation of conflicts and social problems.