In order to meet the requirements of Quali Bail, to measure tenant satisfaction, to observe its evolution and thus evaluate the impact of the measures taken, we set up 5 studies, each corresponding to a stage or an event in the relationship of the tenant with this social housing lessor:

- Incoming tenant survey

- Outgoing tenant survey

- Technical intervention request survey

- Cleanliness survey

- Major works survey

We added to this approach numerous mystery surveys of the agencies to evaluate telephone reception and to understand how to improve responses.

The grounds of these surveys are carried out each month using simple, short and precise questionnaires, allowing a good rate of transformation and therefore an excellent representation of the answers collected.

Several levels of output were put in place allowing a regular flow of information on the quality of services provided by the lessor

- Monthly sorting plans, elaborated with presentation of significant differences between the different populations observed

- Quarterly reports presenting results and key developments

- Comprehensive annual report with recommendations for action

The social lessor follows closely the opportunity of its choices, the quality of the services of its agents and its vendors.